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10 November 2011 @ 12:36 am
What Happened??  

Today, I have realised.
Something has changed...

Out of boredom procastinationdom, I read through each and every single post in my journal. Starting from the very first one.  
Sure the first few entries were all flashy, filled with unnecessary blinding fonts and excessive noobieness. But they were all fun and I remember having such great times posting them. Many awesome friends commented too...They gave me such lovely comments that made me even happier~

Now, where did all of that go?

Compared to my older posts, my recent posts are almost 100% about how I have too much work and I must study and I'm gonna be on hiatus and I fail at life and I suck at physics etc etc etc etc.

Where did all the fun go?

IDEK myself.

It's as if, the moment I first stepped into highschool, all the fun I share on LJ was sucked away at the same exact time.
I also feel like I'm the reason why people stopped commenting on my posts. My boringness probably scared you guys away xD
Haha so yeah, I'm sorry about that. Also, I haven't read through the Friends Page for an eternity! 

And you know what?

Being on hiatus mode doesn't affect me at all. My grades haven't shot up...nor have they collapsed down. Basically, I no longer see the need of going hiatus/semi-hiatus/wtv as long as I manage my time correctly. And set priorities :D

TBH, I miss writing actual journal posts and I miss posting rants about my favs & biases. Hence, I will do my best to regain my enthusiasm and love for writing journals.

See you later, aviator.

I have changed.
But I will change back.

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Tresa Passing: Giggles ; Onewsnowolfly on November 18th, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)
REAALLYYY? but but but no. i like taemin with short hair xD

Yeah I know, they no longer have songs like Love Like Oxygen :/ true with f(x) but i dont think their songs focus much on their vocal abilities...they rarely have slow/ballad/romantic - ish songs anyway.

sipphire-sipphire_angelz on November 18th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
): they didn't win music bank today! SNSD did.
but i'm grateful & thankful for heechul for loving sohee & protecting, thinking about her always.
if heechul were to date sohee, as a sohee fan, i 100% APPROVE!